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What is Medical Research Strategy?

At Moira Clay Consulting, we love medical research strategy. The ability to work with clients on tackling contemporary challenges in the health context, using a strategic approach, is what sets Moira Clay Consulting apart. But what is medical research strategy? And why is it important? The team pondered these questions at a recent monthly meeting and the discussion that flowed gave fruit to the following ideas.

Medical research strategy gives individuals, groups, and organisations a roadmap, bringing them together with shared goals to facilitate investigation of the wicked problems facing communities today. Medical research strategy differs from business or corporate strategy as there isn’t always a commercial imperative. Those in the medical research field are purpose-driven, wanting to solve problems affecting communities and bring broad benefits to the wellbeing of individuals and society.

The team discussed several trends in medical research. It is currently a challenging climate for research collaboration and has been for the past few years. Collaboration is essential for the best results, but competition for funding is high. Medical research used to focus on the brilliant minds of single researchers, but now collaboration and team success are more pertinent, with technology enabling multidisciplinary teams to come together to solve big problems. Bringing these people together, helping shape their shared vision, goals, and measures of success - this is where medical research strategy is essential.

A further trend in medical research is the participation of community members. Citizen scientists are more prevalent now, but communities are also taking a stronger participatory role in research, through both involvement in consultation groups and by financially supporting research initiatives with philanthropic activities. With government funding more competitive than ever, community-funded research is another avenue for important issues to be investigated. As the sphere of influence on research extends, the need to demonstrate impact becomes more and more important, and, again, this is where having an effective strategy that maps out goals and provides measurement tools can be so useful.

Medical researchers are fierce about their purpose. The people working in this field, from the researchers themselves to those who support their activities, are driven by a need to solve wicked problems; to further our collective understanding of the health and medical landscape. This is a purpose that everyone, not just those in research institutes, can embrace. Through higher levels of community engagement with research, fuelled by an understanding and appreciation of its impact, researchers can be more effective, and a sense of belonging and collective responsibility ensues. No matter their background, everyone is united in their need for answers to the big issues in health and medical care.

This understanding of medical research strategy, a significant amount of collective experience and a genuine passion for what we do is what drives the team at Moira Clay Consulting. To find out more get in touch. #medicalresearch#researchstrategy#wickedproblems

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