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Tanneke Zeeuw

Tanneke Zeeuw has a strong background in project execution in a variety of settings, including internationally. She joined the Moira Clay Consulting team as Operations Manager in 2020. 


She has been active in all parts of the life science ecosystem; over the last 30+ years she’s worked with a biotech VC in London, SMEs and pharma companies in Singapore and industry associations in both the UK and Singapore, and now a medical research consultancy and a medical research institute in Australia. 


Because of the variety of operational roles she has had, she has a good working knowledge of project management, information architecture, IT management, corporate communications, PR & branding, digital information management and event organisation. This means she can often deliver on tasks herself, but is also more than comfortable managing third parties. 


She has a first degree in Applied Biology, and a Master’s in Information Management from the University of Loughborough, UK, as well as more IT-related / data management / operations /project management courses than she cares to name!

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