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Are you looking to develop a new strategic research initiative?

Maybe you want to work more productively with your partners to progress a shared goal or get sector-wide buy-in for a major new health research strategy?

These are all ambitious aims which, if achieved, will help realise the potential of health and medical research.

All involve a broad range of stakeholders – people with lived experience, leaders, researchers, academics, clinicians, and other health professionals to name a few. There are also external collaborators, partners, agencies and jurisdictions to consider.

Facilitated stakeholder conversations are a powerful way to find a path towards achieving your research goals.


Professor Moira Clay is a highly sought after facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in health and medical research. She has a strong understanding of sector needs and the dynamics between stakeholders as well as a contemporary knowledge of the rapidly evolving academic health agenda.

Moira will guide you towards developing a shared and actionable way forward. She will pose questions, listen to the perspectives of stakeholders and encourage you to be bold and see the big picture. Participants will walk away with clearer focus and a plan to turn opportunities into reality. 

Moira, together with her team of research, communication and logistics professionals, will work with you to design and deliver a session to meet your needs. She has a limited number of facilitation bookings available each year.


Please contact us for more information.

Recent facilitations include:

  • 2022 Stakeholder workshop for a Cardiovascular Flagship at the Menzies Institute – an online workshop with 20 participants including state government, health services, professional bodies, not-for-profit leaders, researchers, and clinicians.

  • 2022 Australian Stroke and Heart Research Accelerator (ASHRA) Partnering Summit – an in-person workshop with ~100 participants including researchers, clinicians, industry, health service and government representatives and people with lived experience.

  • 2023 Royal Children's Hospital Campus Education Strategy Planning Workshop – an in-person workshop with 25 participants from 4 campus partner organisations including department heads, educators, clinicians and researchers.

  • 2023 WA Mental Health Research Strategy Implementation Workshop – an invitation only workshop with ~50 participants including health service, academic and research leaders, state government, funding bodies and people with lived experience.

Client feedback:

“Your facilitation of the ASHRA summit was great. You brought a balance of enthusiasm and energy, curious questions, and strategic nudging to get everyone to contribute and feel part of the conversation. I particularly liked the afternoon format with breakout groups with rotating discussion points, all reporting back to get some clear actions to take away.”

Dr Johanna Barclay (General Manager, Indigenous Genomics Network, Telethon Kids Institute) – Participant 2022 ASHRA Partnering Summit

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