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Major Initiatives

We specialise in enabling and facilitating development of significant inter-disciplinary research initiatives that are purpose-driven to drive benefits for community health.  Examples of our major initiatives are below:


  • We are playing an ongoing strategic role in the development of the Western Australian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. When complete, the Centre will integrate clinical and supportive care, clinical trials, research and education. It will be a state-wide initiative providing research-driven person-centred care for people affected by a cancer diagnosis. In March 2022, $375M of Federal Government funding towards the $750M centre was announced. In this critical next stage of planning, we are working with Centre Lead and Perkins Director Professor Peter Leedman AO to share the vision for the Cancer Centre with a wide range of stakeholders and reach out to colleagues across Australia for input, help and support.

  • In 2020 and 2021, we worked with our client to develop the vision and concept for the University of Canberra Health and Wellbeing Neighbourhood. This work has ensured the concept remains aligned with the academic foundations of the University.It has also underpinned a tendering process for key neighbourhood providers and enabled conversations with government around provision of community services within the neighbourhood.

  • Starting in 2016, we brought together researchers from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research (Uni of Tasmania) who had a common focus on aspect of multiple sclerosis (MS).  We facilitated the transformation to an integrated multi-disciplinary research pipeline involving major stakeholders including people with a lived experience of MS, government and cojmunity organisaiton.  The outcome of the project was development of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Flagship which laid the foundation for $22M funding success in just five years, including a $10M Medical Research Future Fund grant.

  • Between 2016 and 2018, we supported the establishment of the Adelaide BioMed City partnership to ensure the precinct was "greater than the sum of the parts".  The precinct has now gained significant momentum attracting multi-million-dollar corporate partnerships enabling its goal of being a globally significant health innovation and translation district by 2030.

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