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Laura Genovesi

Dr Laura Genovesi is a leading expert childhood cancer research, with over 17 years’ experience in paediatric neuro-oncology. She remains committed to applying her comprehensive strategic skillset (problem solving, critical thinking, horizon scanning, communications, engagement) across the continuum from research to translation for the benefit of children and a happier, healthier society.


Starting her studies in the field of biomedical science in Perth, Laura quicky found she had a passion for the impact of science on health, applying her learning and discoveries to the medical research industry. Laura completed her PhD in 2012 and went on to join the team at the University of Queensland, as the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Research Fellow and the Children’s Hospital Foundation Research Fellow, where she has built an extensive network of clinicians and researchers, as well as industry and not-for-profit organisation partners.


Laura is highly regarded both for research and her ability to advocate and communicate the importance and impact of that research. Her international and national reputation in research is evidenced by the award of peer-reviewed nationally and internationally competitive grants and fellowships, the most recent of which was a NHMRC Ideas Grant (2023).

Laura holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from The University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Murdoch University. She has published several research articles in prestigious journals and has delivered keynote speeches covering project findings to both industry and community stakeholders to increase research awareness and support.

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