Shannon Simpson PhD


    Shannon Simpson PhD is a successful clinical researcher with a focus on research leadership and strategy. She completed her PhD in respiratory physiology at the Menzies Institute in 2010. This work resulted in 3 first author publications, including in a top 100 most influential journal, and received a number of awards.  She commenced a NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship in 2014 at the Telethon Kids Institute and leads a range of research projects identifying contributing factors to respiratory morbidity experienced by infants and children born very preterm. All of her research has been published in journals in the top quartile of their respective fields and she has received more than 230 citations in the past 5 years with 3 accompanying editorials. Her growing international standing is evidenced by inclusion on an international taskforce and numerous invited presentations.

    Shannon has a strong track record in leadership and strategic thinking. She has held numerous appointments including Chair of the Early & Mid-Career Research Council. and active membership on the Scientific Advisory and Research Excellence Councils. Her leadership has been recognized as an Australian Academy of Science Award Recipient to attend the Science Pathways 2016: Future Leaders Forum.