Nicolette Hodyl PhD

    Nicolette (Nicki) Hodyl PhD is passionate about helping people improve health research, policy and service delivery to enhance the health and lives of individuals, communities and society.  She founded and leads Vertex Health, a research consultancy and strategic advisory platform. A key goal of Vertex Health is to create and support pragmatic health and medical research strategies that empower people and organisations to achieve their goals and realise their true potential. This draws on Nicki’s strong cross-section of skills, including health program management, leadership, strategic planning and data analytics, together with 15 years experience working in scientific and clinical research environments.

    Nicki has a PhD in neuropsychology (2008), and post-graduate qualifications in biostatistics (2011) and management (2012).  She commenced a NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship in 2011 at the Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide, and was awarded a MS McLeod Senior Research Fellowship in 2014 (Women’s and Children’s Research Foundation, Adelaide). Nicki is an adjunct Associate Professor of the University of Adelaide and has published over 50 papers in a variety of health areas, including pregnancy and child health, endocrinology, psychology, immunology, neuroscience, transfusion medicine, fertility, asthma, nursing, basic science and epidemiology.  She has held Board and Executive positions with a number of clinical and scientific societies.