Karen Lee MacKenzie, PhD


    Dr Karen MacKenzie is an accomplished medical researcher with extensive experience in basic, pre-clinical and translational research, spanning molecular and cell biology of adult and paediatric cancers (including sarcoma, leukaemia and neuroblastoma), normal and malignant haematopoiesis, cancer models, stem cell biology, emerging therapeutics, personalised medicine and genomics. Her medical reseach career spans 25 years, beginning with PhD studies in Medicine at the University of New South Wales, followed by postdoctoral training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre (New York, NY USA) and 16 years experience as a research leader at Children’s Cancer Institute.

    Karen has highly developed skills in medical science communication, and is proficient in both technical and lay language. She has published 58 scientific reports and reviews in leading international journals, and has made substantial contributions to peer review of manuscripts and grant applications. Karen has also contributed to the preparation of successful competive grant applications that have secured more than $10M ($4M as lead investigator) from federal, state and charitable funding agencies. Her writing and review experience also includes preparation of applications and reports to regulatory and funding bodies, review, editing and examination of student theses, lay communication with charitable organisations, consumers and fundraisers, and on-line media communication.

    Her role as a research group leader, together with her involvement in professional and academic service, has equipped Karen with valuable leadership and management experience that is highly relevant to current medical research and academic environments. She has been directly involved in grant review panels for the National Health and Medical Research Council, regulatory and management committees, conference organisation, teaching, mentoring and supervision of higher degree students. Karen has also been broadly trained in key aspects of leadership, communication, coaching and management through regular attendance at professional development workshops and courses.