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Focus the individual research strengths of the Menzies Institute for Medical Research (University of Tasmania) in order to maximise the impact of the research on community health.


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Moira Clay working closely with Menzies Institute Director, Distinguished Professor Alison Venn and a group of researchers (led by clinical neuroscientist Professor Bruce Taylor) all individually focused on some aspect of multiple sclerosis (MS).  Moira was pivotal in changing the narrative for Menzies MS researchers from an individual research group focus to an integrated research effort.  This led to development of the MS Flagship – a vehicle which empowered researchers to collaborate and develop novel research projects that cross disciplines. 




The first strategic plan Moira Clay Consulting developed for the MS Flagship laid the foundation for $22M funding success in just five years, including a $10M MRFF grant announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2019.  The second strategic plan was launched in 2021 and is sure to position the MS Flagship team for future success.




“Moira Clay has made an enormous contribution to the Menzies Institute as a mentor, a role model and most recently, the Chair of our Advisory Board. She has facilitated career development days for our researchers, focussing on understanding research impact and engagement, and Menzies strategy/strategic priorities. Her ability to provide advice on identifying key strategic research priorities, address gaps in strategic plans and provide researchers with the tools to develop and encourage research excellence has been invaluable. We are very grateful to Moira and her team for their important contribution to the development and ongoing sustainability of our MS Flagship.  The Flagship has exceeded all expectations and is positioned for long-term success.”

Distinguished Professor Alison Venn

Director, Menzies Institute for Medical Research (University of Tasmania)

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