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Medical research requires strategy that delivers funding, results and impact and ultimately improves lives


Led by Australia’s foremost expert in health and medical research strategy, we create an approach and strategy with you that will be a game-changer, no matter where on that journey you are today.


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Our story

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What drives us is the enormity of the health problems we face as a community. What inspires us is the dedication and commitment of the people working on solving these problems’


Professor Moira Clay founded Moira Clay Consulting in 2013, propelled by her drive to help Australian health and medical research leaders achieve transformative health benefits for the community.

As requests for help increased, the business grew and more consultants with specialised strategic skills became involved with the projects.  Moira Clay Consulting incorporated to become Moira Clay Consulting Pty Ltd in 2021, but the vision remains the same - to be a game changer for Australian health and medical research.

Our focus is to deliver game-changing strategy and solutions for our clients.  Your challenges are our challenges. Your success is our success.  Your impact is our impact.

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Our value

We focus on the success of our clients and delivering maximum value.


We know the sector.  We have established connections with organisations across the depth and breadth of the Australian health and medical research ecosystem.

We have built a strong reputation for adding value to health and medical research organisations (including medical research institute's; hospitals, funding bodies; universities; peak bodies and major initiatives) across Australia.

Our independent model means we tell it like it is, but first and foremost we work with you to develop an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

We currently work with around 10 clients a year, on projects which generally last

3-4 months each.


We work either in person or via Zoom by arrangement.

Our work includes:

  • Strategic planning

  • Targeted and gateway reviews

  • Evaluation frameworks

  • New initiative development

  • Precinct planning

Case Studies

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Develop the concept for a person-centred Comprehensive Cancer Centre integrating clinical and supportive care, clinical trials, research and education and engage stakeholders in preparation for seeking funding for the project.


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Moira Clay worked collaboratively with Harry Perkins Institute Director Professor Peter Leedman AO to share the vision for the Comprehensive Cancer Centre with a wide range of stakeholders, reaching out to colleagues across Australia for input, help and support, facilitating stakeholder discussions, implementing a strategy for securing funding, involving the community and people with lived experience of cancer, and developing a compelling narrative and website for the centre. 




In March 2022  $375M of funding towards the $750M centre was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison!  Moira and her team are playing a key role in the next stage of planning for the centre.





“Moira was critical to us achieving our first major aim for the Comprehensive Cancer Centre – announcement of $375M funding from the Federal Government.  Moira bought exceptional strategic skills to the project as well as strong connections to a highly relevant national network.  Her work strengthened the vision for the Centre.  Her ability to work collaboratively across all stakeholders helped us stay focused on the bigger picture.  I look forward to Moira playing an integral part in this transformative project as it develops in coming years”

Professor Peter Leedman AO

Director, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

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Focus the individual research strengths of the Menzies Institute for Medical Research (University of Tasmania) in order to maximise the impact of the research on community health.


MCC solution


Moira Clay working closely with Menzies Institute Director, Distinguished Professor Alison Venn and a group of researchers (led by clinical neuroscientist Professor Bruce Taylor) all individually focused on some aspect of multiple sclerosis (MS).  Moira was pivotal in changing the narrative for Menzies MS researchers from an individual research group focus to an integrated research effort.  This led to development of the MS Flagship – a vehicle which empowered researchers to collaborate and develop novel research projects that cross disciplines. 




The first strategic plan Moira Clay Consulting developed for the MS Flagship laid the foundation for $22M funding success in just five years, including a $10M MRFF grant announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2019.  The second strategic plan was launched in 2021 and is sure to position the MS Flagship team for future success.




“Moira Clay has made an enormous contribution to the Menzies Institute as a mentor, a role model and most recently, the Chair of our Advisory Board. She has facilitated career development days for our researchers, focussing on understanding research impact and engagement, and Menzies strategy/strategic priorities. Her ability to provide advice on identifying key strategic research priorities, address gaps in strategic plans and provide researchers with the tools to develop and encourage research excellence has been invaluable. We are very grateful to Moira and her team for their important contribution to the development and ongoing sustainability of our MS Flagship.  The Flagship has exceeded all expectations and is positioned for long-term success.”

Distinguished Professor Alison Venn

Director, Menzies Institute for Medical Research (University of Tasmania)

Our ethos

We love health and medical research

We work with leaders in the broader Australian health and medical research and translation.  You are the experts, and we are the strategy experts behind you.

We bring you independence and a broad experience of what works to help achieve your vision.

We listen with integrity.

We have generosity of spirit and celebrate your success.

We are collaborative, consultative, and inclusive.

We challenge you to think laterally, plan smartly and implement effectively.

Authentic, inclusive and engaging relationships drive the way we work.

Our people

Moira Clay Consulting has over 75 years combined experience in medical research and life sciences, research strategy, translational research initiatives, research data, research funding governance and health precincts. 


We have worked extensively across medical research institutes and university sector, funding bodies, professional organisations and biotechnology companies.


We create a bespoke team for every client that will meet the unique needs of that client. 

Founder & CEO

Prof Moira Clay PhD

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Emmanuelle (Emm) Duglas

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Executive Assistant

Sandrine Goodwin

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Dr Carina Marshall

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Prof Shannon Simpson

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Dr Dora Horvath

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Project Manager

Tanneke Zeeuw

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